Discover the Stunning New Canal Bridge Connecting Long Eaton to West Park

Architects have unveiled the artist’s impression of a spectacular new canal bridge that is set to link the heart of Long Eaton with the award-winning West Park. This transformative project, backed by a £25 million investment, promises to rejuvenate Long Eaton’s landscape.

Long Eaton, poised for a remarkable transformation, is about to witness the construction of a stunning canal bridge. With substantial funding secured through a coveted Town Deal, this visionary project is set to rejuvenate the landscape.

The proposed landmark bridge, spanning the Erewash Canal at Broad Street, has been formally submitted for approval. 

Collaborating closely with contributors like the Environment Agency and the Canal & River Trust, the local businessman leading the Long Eaton Town Deal Board expressed gratitude to all involved. The iconic new bridge promises to be a source of immense pride for the town.

Alongside the bridge, a new waterfront area for West Park will transform the canal from a barrier that divides the town into a valuable asset. With launching points for paddle boards, kayaks, and improved access for cyclists, this community-driven initiative aims to draw more people into Long Eaton. As construction commences, anticipation grows for the positive impact this project will bring.

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